The mobile Pond Advisor - for 24 hours

Let yourself be inspired by the new Water Garden possibilities and use our online pond construction / maintenance service.
We provide all the water garden lovers , gardening and landscaping companies and trading since this year a free online mobile solution for the planning and expansion of water gardens in form of a smartphone app available.

The new app offers all newcomers and existing pond owners the ability to easily and conveniently the products needed around the pond construction, pond equipment and pond care to display on your smartphone with specially programmed water garden machines . On the home page , the user always gets the latest information on water garden.

Water levels in the home garden pond can be removed quickly and easily with a test strip and the test result will ermittel using the new online pond laboratory on site.

Inspired by the new water garden options can be the new online pond construction - and maintenance services anytime and anywhere , and thus has its own pond consultants 24 hours a hand.

The new HEISSNER APP - The mobile Pond Advisor

Just download it free here :