Pond & Garden Lighting

Underwater LED-Ring U509-T

Underwater LED-Ring U509-T
Article number U509-T

Product features

Suitable for illuminating

  • ponds,
  • led stone fountains with 32 bore (*for all HEISSNER LED stone fountains)
  • and garden
  •  Extrem niedriger Energieverbrauch dank High-Power-LED
  • 80% weniger Stromverbrauch im Vergleich zu Halogen, dank LED-Technik
  •  Capacity.: 230 V/12 V
  • LED wattage: 2,5 W LED
  • Ø LED: 30 mm


Abmessung (L×B×H) 4,5 x 1,5
Cable length 7.00 m
RRP 39,00 €
Garantie 2 years

Put the spotlight as indirect illumination of plants. You get beautiful light effects at night.