Water Gardens / Pre-formed ponds

PE Pre-Formed B501-00

PE Pre-Formed B501-00
Article number B501-00

Product features

  • Volume of water: 500 L
  • Simple installation
  • Ridge-secured plant zone with drainage slots
  • Optimum pond depth
  • Can be stacked in one another


Ready-to-use ponds

Do you dream of a pond, even though your space is limited?

Our ready-to-use high density polyethylene (HDPE) ponds have a very natural appearance and surprising size and capacity. No complicated foil to lay, no fear of holes being punched by rocks or sharp objects; HEISSNER pond basins are exceptionally sturdy and with stand even extreme loads.




Abmessung (L×B×H) 157x125x54
RRP 99,00 €
Garantie 10 years