ECO Balance Pond Systems

Waterfall pump Aqua Lift P23000-00

Waterfall pump Aqua Lift P23000-00
Article number P23000-00

Product features

  • Especially for ÖkoBalance systems waterfalls and large streams
  • Strong water supply. Suitable for continuous operation
  • Connections with a large cross section for maximum delivery
  • Including adhesive sleeve for 63 mm professional hose
  • When using the hose-adhesive sleeve on inlet side, the pump can suck down to a water level of only 30 mm

Universally applicable:

  • Horizontally and vertically
  • Slim design, ideal for placement in the pump shaft or skimmer
  • Submerged and dry installation possible
  • Waterfall mode, stream mode and filter mode
  • Continuous and interval operation


Ideal for use in PROFI-POND Pumpenschacht


Pump capacity 23000 l/h
Watt 620
Förderhöhe 8.00 m
Abmessung (L×B×H) 15 x 15 x 36,5
Hose connection 38,1 / 50,8 mm (11/2"+2"+R1 1/2 mm)
Coarse dirt extraction max. 6
Installation method Unterwasser
RRP 299,00 €
Garantie 5

Das ÖkoBalance-Bachlaufsystem ist eine maximal kindersichere Teichanlage. Durch die eingesetzten Module im vorderen Teil des Bachlaufes, ist der Teich eine ideale Lösung für Familien mit kleinen Kindern.

  • Kindersicher durch Aqua Block
  • Komponenten unsichtbar verbaut
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