ECO Balance Pond Systems

ECO Balance Watercourse System VSL835-00

ECO Balance Watercourse System VSL835-00
Article number VSL835-00

Product features

The Pro ECO Balance Watercourse System is a maximum child-safe pond. Through the used modules in the front of the stream of the pond is an ideal solution for families with young children


TZ536-00 PROFI-pond liner, rubber black, 1.0 mm section: 3,5x3,5/2,5x6m, 5x2,5m

TF922-00 PROFITEX continous fiber fleece, 200 g/qm, section 6x8m

Z641-00 PROFI POND Overflow System

Z642-00 PROFI POND Pump Shaft

Z649-00 PROFI POND AquaBlocks, 68x22x41 cm

P23000-00 Waferfall Pump 23.000 l/h

Z663-00 PROFI POND Hose 2"

Z668-00 PROFI POND 2" Hose Bonding Sleeve with R1,5" IG


RRP 1.899,00 €