ECO Balance Pond Systems

Eco Balance Pond System - Complete Set VSL825-00

Eco Balance Pond System - Complete Set VSL825-00
Article number VSL825-00

Product features

The unique Pro ECO Balance Pond System requires very little pond technology and regulates the ecological balance. The pond technologiy is "invisibly" hidden in the pond. Suitable up to max 100 qm of water surface.

  • Pond water penetrates biological filter layers and is best cleaned
  • Very low maintenance, since little pond technology is needed
  • Technology is needed


The Complete-Set - ECO Balance Pond System:

TF536-00 PROFI-pond liner, rubber black, 1.0 mm, section 6x8 m

TF922-00 PROFITEX Continuous fiber fleece, 200 g/qm, section 6.8 m

TF641-00 PROFI POND Biofall

F644-00 PROFI POND Skimmer

P23000-00 Waterfall Pump 23.000 l/h

Z663-00 PROFI POND hose 2"

Z668-00 PROFI POND 2" Hose Bonding Sleeve with R1,5" IG


*Not included int the complete set are: sand, stones, Split, decoration materials, pond lighting


Pump capacity 23000 l/h
Watt 620
Förderhöhe 8.00 m
Hose connection 38,1 / 50,8 mm (11/2"+2"+R1 1/2)
Cable length 10.00 m
Installation method Unterwasser
Accessories pond liner, continuous fiber fleece, biofall, water pump, hose, hose bonding
RRP 1.899,00 €

If the Biofall should return the pond water over a creek, so pond liner is to be supplemented for the stream.