Garden-Power-Box Z960-00

Garden-Power-Box Z960-00
Article number Z960-00

Product features

HEISSNER world innovation
Unique power distribution box for your garden!

  •  Provides ample space for power strips, cords, timers, radio receiver, etc.
  • Very solid construction, up to 80kg load capacity
  •  Lockable, thus CHILDREN SAFE!
  • To open one-handed closure from above
  • Can be buried and covered
  • Degree of protection IP64 (dust tight and protected against water jets)
  • Can also be used as Hose with water connection

Virtually unlimited possibilities:

▪ Garden Lighting
▪ Christmas decorations / lights may
▪ Pond (pump, filter, UV, light, ...)
▪ Pool (filters, cleaning, circulation, heating, ...)
▪ Gardening (mowers, trimmers, machines, ...)

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Abmessung (L×B×H) 40 x 30 x 21
RRP 29,99 €