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Ecolith scattering agent WZ125-00

Ecolith scattering agent WZ125-00
Article number WZ125-00

Product features

Awarded the "Blue Angel"

completely environmentally compatible

  •  usable down to -50 ° C
  •  purely natural material
  •  quickly numbing effect
  •  5-fold less scattering effort (compared to sand)
  •  non-toxic, salt-free, animal friendly
  •  conserves natural stone floors, no Salzverätzung
  •  very well tolerated by plants, ideal soil additive
  •  absorbs oil and residual moisture

in convenient 4 liter bucket scattering, 5 liter and 10 liter bucket inlusive litter scoop as well as a 25 liter bag.


RRP 49,99 €