Organize power cables correctly and safely in the garden

The management of power cables while your bet for pond equipment, pool equipment or garden lighting is often seasonal and is often replaced or repositioned. Garden sockets or socket stones usually offer enough space for all connections and are often an excellent shelter for insects. Cavities are greatly contaminated, so that there may be a short circuit.

The water garden Manufacturer HEISSNER from Lauterbach aware of this issue and has become the subject of particularly dedicated "organization power cable in the garden" the development of a clean central control center.

The new GARDEN POWER-BOX has a size of 40 x 30 x 20 cm and has ample space for power strips, cable drums, timer, radio receiver, and more.

The very sturdy box is durable, lockable, load up to 80 kg therefore child safe.

Due to the degree of protection IP 65, GARDEN POWER BOX is absolutely dustproof and protected against jet or splash. Open can easily from above using a one-handed catch.

The Garden Power-Box can be buried and covered.

Alternatively, the Garden Power Box is also used as Hose with water connection. Here is a precut was provided in the bottom part.

In the garden market the newly developed high IP65 protected GARDEN POWER BOX is with her big square comfort for all plug connections and accessories in the garden so far unique.

Commercially HEISSNER presents the new GARDEN POWER BOX with all applications in a sales-boosting display.