Our pond liner calculator, you can easily calculate the required size for your pond liner. To do so in the boxes below each case the maximum size of a planned pond.
After submitting you will receive the necessary length and width of the pond liner, as well as the required m² area.

After submitting you will receive the necessary length and width of the pond liner and required m² area. This size is also the same for the pond fleece.

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Pond liner recommendation

With increasing depth, the pond liner pond has to endure more. We therefore recommend the following strengths:

  • Pond depth up to 1.00 m: PVC film 0.5 mm thick
  • pond depth to 1.50 m: PVC film 1.0 mm thick
  • pond depth from 1.50 m: rubber sheet 1.0 mm thick *

*150 cm pond depth, we recommend the 1.0 mm professional pond liner, very elastic EPDM (synthetic rubber)

have selected the desired depth, you have several pond liners to choose from. Pay attention to the width of your water garden.

The correct pond construction!

The sandwich structure shows in cross-section as you create your perfect foil pond.

1. Pond Liner

  • With the above Pond Liner Calculator you can determine the exact size of the required pond liner for your water garden.

2. Pond Fleece

  • The pond fleece is laid under the pond liner and so secures your pond liner from rocks and roots. The continuous fiber makes it exceptionally tear-resistant.
  • Double the use of your pond liner pond fleece warranty to 20 years!
  • Size Pond Liner = Size Pond Fleece

3. Sandlayer

4. Soil

5. Plantingbasket

6. Capillarybarrier


A. Deep water zone

B. Shallowwater zone

C. Marshzone