A well-tuned filter system is essential for a clear and clean pond.

Dirt bring the pond is out of balance. Grasses, pollen and dust drifting on the one on the surface, fish waste, uneaten food, and also leaves fall from the pond bottom. This leads to opacification of the water sludge of ground and usually also a difficult to control algae growth. Decomposition processes (decay Ocidation UDN) consume oxygen and put excessive nitrite and nitrate free. The balance of the pond begins to tilt.

Below you can match your pond size, determine the correct filter system (filter and pump) for your pond.

Filter Calculator

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Pressure Filter or Through-Flow Filter?

Benefits Pressure Filter
Benefits Through-Flow-Filter
  • for small to medium ponds

  • suitable for stream and waterfall
  • for small and medium-sized fish stocking
  • Hidden placement at the pond edge possible
  • for medium to large ponds
  • suitable for large fish stocking
  • Multi-chamber filter with biological filter effect

Everything you need to know about pond filter systems ...

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