You want to integrate a stream or waterfall in your water paradise?

To operate the stream optimally, the pump capacity of the filter and watercourse pump is crucial.

With our creek waterfall computer, you can easily
calculate the required pump capacity and therefore the right pump for your planned waterfall or stream.

Creek Waterfall Calculator

Simply enter the height (cm / from water level) and width (cm) above and you will receive for your project the appropriate filter and watercourse pump.

HEISSNER filter and watercourse pumps are suitable for waterfalls, streams, source rocks, filters and skimmers (surface cleaning)

[Translate to englisch:] Die Auswahl der richtigen Pumpe

Selecting the right pump depends on the size of a water garden and on the other of the uses, such as from the operation of filtration equipment, pond pumps, gargoyles, source rocks or streams.

The ECO pump generation from the HEISSNER Premium series is designed for long-term water garden operators.

Energy-efficient technology, quality materials
, easy handling, as well as sophisticated features ensure a low maintenance and a professional water garden.

On the Pond pumps of the Premium series awards HEISSNER five years quality guarantee.
Who wants a pond beginners once the subject pond gently but do not address the years of experience in water gardening technology HEISSNER without is well advised with the cheaper technology from the pond SMARTLINE series.

You also benefit from our experience and know-how.

On the products of the Smartline series awards HEISSNER 3 year quality guarantee.