Pond in winter

After the preparations are done for the winter at the pond, pond and plants can rest.

Pond filters and pond pumps in winter

To protect pond filters and pond pumps in winter, it is recommended that this winter solid at a temperature of -10° degrees Celsius to store.

Pond Filters

Filter media, such as e.g. Bio-balls, filter pads, filter brushes etc. should get taken out of the filter housing and are cleaned and stowed frost safe for use next spring. The filter housing (and possibly installed) incl. Cable can overwinter in the garden.
Also should the UVC clarifier, only if possible, be removed from the filter housing.

TIP / record now already for the spring calendar 2016
To ensure an optimal disinfection and algae reduction, we recommend the UVC lamp after a pond season replaced. While the lamp is not broken, but it loses valuable UV energy, whereby the effect is very limited. Just have a look in our UVC lamps overview. Here you will find the right UVC lamp for your HEISSNER pond filter. UVC lamps can be ordered from us in the service shop then.

Pond Pumps
We also recommend taking pond pump from the pond, clean and kept protected from frost until spring.
Is it at the pond pump to a HEISSNER fountain pump "AQUA PREMIUM Jet eco" or HEISSNER Filter and Stream Pump "AQUA CRAFT Premium eco", so they can hibernate up easily to -25° degrees C in the pond.

Ice preventers - pond heater 50 W with frost guard function

Thus, the pond does not get into an oxygen deficiency, it is often advisable to the pond, artificial feeding oxygen through a pond aeration. This is particularly useful on very hot or very cold days.

The intelligent HEISSNER ECO pond heater TZ570-00 is an energy-efficient partner. It prevents the complete freezing of the pond, where the built-in heating element, encased in a plastic tube, with only 50 W specifically the heat selectively leads upwards and downwards. The result is a hole in the ice and the oxygen exchange can begin. The integrated frost guard switches off automatically at plus degrees.


Ice preventer with depress chamber

Insert before the freezing of the water an Ice preventers on the water surface. The specially shaped Styrofoam block prevents the complete freezing of the pond.

Thus, an optimum oxygen exchange takes place between water and air and ensures an optimal supply of oxygen for your fish and also allows the escape of fermentation gases.


Please do not beat a hole in the layer of ice forming. This allows incur pressure waves. The sensitive swim bladders of fish can cause damage.

Fish in Winter

Fish should not be fed, the stay this winter at the lowest point in the pond in a kind of swim bladder in winter.

Once the ice has melted in the spring, you can feed the fish again. Exhausted reserves can be replenished with nutrients again.

Plans for 2016

Especially now, when everything rests, please use the time for any new garden plans in 2016.

Let yourself be inspired by the new possibilities of the water garden worlds 2016. For questions also like always our customer service.

We wish you a peaceful and contemplative winter time. Also draw new strength and stay healthy.