Preventive measures for a clear pond

  • Avoid Wash in fertilizers (phosphates away from the pond)
  • Use Lean plant substrates
  • When new plants are used to clean the root ball of the "breeding ground" and insert it into fine gravel shade
  • Ensure adequate pool depth
  • Hardwood entry minimize (leaf protection nets)
  • Remove dead plant parts and soil sludge in the autumn cleaning
  • Insert Fast-growing aquatic plants (Elodea, pondweed), etc. economical feed
  • Limit fish stocking

Now pond care is particularly important

In summer, the garden pond shows all its beauty.

The plants flower and small pond inhabitants settle like to the cool pond. These include dragonflies, frogs, toads, newts, or ephemera. For pond owners this is a special feature in this season and will make the hobby "garden pond" in these moments in particular.

So you can enjoy the water garden in summer full, even now he needs a little care. For fast-growing plants should trimmed for example every now and then and the surface of the pond is fished regularly.

In strong sunlight, it can often come in the summer to excessive growth of algae in the pond, ie the algae are enough nutrients available to multiply. The water parameters of the pond water are then not stable.

This can lead to a green color of the water. The pond this can often then not, despite plants and fish stocking, offset alone.

Keeping you in the summer can fully enjoy your pond once we have subsequently compiled the most important measures.

A sufficient planting of the riparian zone is important so that there is no surplus of nutrients causes algae. Activate the filter systems with starter bacteria.

Regularly check the quality of your pond water with the Quick test set and derive the case of deviations from the optimum value necessary measures.

Lots of sunlight causes water to become cloudy and grow algae. Remove algae with algae brush and be sure there is adequate oxygen supply. Check further the water values ​​with the Quick test set.

Clear water - safe and easy in 3 steps

Regular monitoring of water levels in the pond is required to obtain promptly to changes and any necessary corrective measures clues.

In particular, before and after the winter break are important control and correction of all important values ​​basis for healthy fish and clear ponds.
In our brochure "pond care information and tips" you find all the information to maintain optimal water values ​​for stable pond water.

You can
with our test strip of our HEISSNER Quick-test-set, check the water chemistry of your pond directly online using our online pond laboratories.

Depending on the water value can be found here possible causes and solutions.