Spring time - water garden time!

Spring with all your senses perceive. All comes, it smells of grass and it begins to bloom ... time for water gardens! We show you the most important preparatory work in the spring so your pond and your fish healthy start to the new season. You should start working in and around your garden pond only from a water temperature of about 12 ° C. Slowly, the nature and the fish in the pond back your power recovers.

10 questions on pond cleaning (German gardening magazine)

A garden pond with crystal clear water - a dream. But the reality is often different. In the current issue of the journal garden flora of pond expert Peter Hagen has the answers.

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Working around the pond!

Clear off grows too large plant populations. They grow determined by vigorously. This is also achieved HEISSNER PROFI-pond scissors.

It cuts, keeping a side firmly in the tongs. So nothing can fall into the pond.

The brush head of the algae brush is very stable and catches floating algae residues in the pond very well. The brush head is also replaceable.

Also the bottom of the pond should be cleaned of organic residues . Best results are achieved with a Profi-Pond Cleaner.

The correct treatment of the pond water after the winter!

Supply the pond water at the beginning of the season with important minerals and bacteria.

The HEISSNER PondStarter bacteria contain natural ingredients and are especially fish compatible. TIP: Place the granules in addition to the pond filter.

This promotes the process of self-purification.

The HEISSNER pond water conditioner is the precondition for a successful and safe algae control. It promotes the biological balance of the pond water and is also particularly fish compatible. Ideal after heavy rainfall.

Detailed measures for a clear and clean pond can also be found in our pond care tips.

The 6 main pond values (pH, GH, KH, CL NO², NO³) you can quickly and easily check with our Quick Test Set 6in1 in just one minute.

Quite convenient spot read the values - our ONLINE Pond laboratory makes it possible!

When should I feed my fish again?

At a water temperature of about 12 ° C fish can be fed again, but in moderation.

Here, you should pay attention to easily digestible fish food.

When can I use plants in the pond?

Mid-April is planting time!

Depending on the weather new water perennials now can be introduced.

FILTER should be checked prior the application!

Pond pumps and filter systems are now operational again. When inserting your pump for possible damage to the power cord and do not place the pump directly on the bottom of the pond, but relative to the filter inlet to the middle of water.

Please check your pond filter or UVC pond clarifier the UVC lamp. Even if the lamp is on, so after a year use loses power force.

The exchange of filter materials is important for optimal filter performance.

Matching Exchange UVC tubes, filter materials, please contact us at the service shop.

When buying a new filter system please note our clear water promise!

In all filtration systems that are marked with this Clear Water Guarantee logo, HEISSNER granted when buying the "clear water-or money-back guarantee". It is worth it!