Have you already deposits accumulated on the pond floor, so they can be easily removed with a pond silt remover. The HEISSNER Teichschlammsauger F1 has a max. Suction depth of 1.80 m at 8,000 liters per hour extraction power.

It is very easy to handle, is extremely quiet and with its four nozzles essays provides (Mud / deciduous algae / pool and surface nozzle / crevice tool) a flexible application range. The powerful F1 can be applied in Dauersaugbetrieb and offers through its removable dirt trap a convenient disposal of organic waste.

Pond slac vac (for ponds up to 20.000 Liter)

  • Extremely quiet
  • Incl. 2 jets

Whether the pond water is also available in the fall in the biological balance, you can find out very quickly with the HEISSNER Quick Test Set 6in1. Simply hold the test stick into the water and then on www.heissner.de analyze the water values ​​based on the new pond laboratories.

If the water levels are not consistent, so the pond owners are immediately shown with suggested solutions and tips for pond care.

A very flexible pond care use also offers new HEISSNER APP, with the pond keeper can be directly determine its water values ​​online at the pond.