Material Overview

Granite - weather resitant, strong and heavy material

Granite is the classical natural stone for the garden. Due to its color shades from dark to light, it is an ideal material for the garden decoration

Terrazzo/TL High value, noble impression

Terrazzo is a mineral material made up by gravel, stone powder and cement. This very  durable material can be moulded in many variations and is finally polished to reach its fine surface structure. It is hard to distinguish from natural solid stone, but way lighter.
Terrazzo Light has the same make up as the original Terrazzo, but has 20-30% poly resin and is thus again lighter.

When treated correctly it is winterproof.




BASALT - Massive, natural volcanic stone

Massive, natural volcanic stone, which is created by volcanic ruptions. It is a high value material, which is widely used for many kinds of indoor and garden building and decoration designs.

FIBERSTONE - Unique and durable

Fiberstone consists of parts of poly resin and stone powder, which enhances the real stone optics and haptics of the material. It is available in many designs and color variations. When treated correctly it is winterproof.

POLYSTONE - Ligthweight and variable

Polystone is also called artificial stone. The mix of Polyresin and durable synthetic fibres in the material, it is very durable, but yet very light weight. It can be moulded into virtually any design and is hard to distinguish from natural stone.

POLY RATTAN - Longlife stable fabric

Poly Rattan is a stable and durable outdoor proof fibre. It is widely used in the furniture industry for lounge and similar uses, it can also be used for the creation of decorative water features.